Course Overview


For physicians, nurses, mental health professionals and others who care for people suffering from addictions

Join leading addiction specialists from around the country to learn the latest treatment options that improve outcomes for patients and clients with addictions and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety and ADHD.

At this unique event, you'll customize your learning experience with choices of breakout sessions that cover a broad range of issues that matter most to addiction specialists and other caregivers. These highly interactive, 90-minute workshops allow time for in-depth exploration of topics from medications, to special patient populations, to dealing with especially challenging cases.

Other sessions of the program engage participants with:

  • New evidence-based treatment options
  • How to manage ADHD and addictions
  • The latest developments in marijuana research
  • Emerging drugs of abuse
  • Psychopharmacologic treatments for alcohol use disorder
  • Specialized approaches for addictions in women
  • How to treat addictions in older adults
  • Effective methods for opioid use disorders
  • What's working on college campuses to reduce addictions
  • How mindfulness helps in recovery
  • Best practices for working with veterans
  • How to manage patients who want to cut down but not abstain
  • What’s new with Alcoholics Anonymous
  • How to treat anxiety in people with substance use disorders
  • The most effective strategies for smoking cessation


It is estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from an addiction to alcohol or drugs and approximately 20% of all Americans smoke cigarettes. The consequences of addiction are numerous; it results in a myriad of health problems, harms and disrupts families and other relationships, and can leave individuals isolated, depressed and even suicidal.

Addictions can lead to vulnerability to comorbid disorders, and comorbid disorders can sometimes lead to addictions, making treatment of either condition particularly complex. Individuals with an addiction often deny the extent of the problem and resist treatment altogether. Despite all of these difficulties, countless Americans confront and overcome their addictions every year, often with the help of healthcare professionals and formal treatment programs.

McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric hospital of Harvard Medical School, is pleased to offer this annual conference bringing together some of the foremost authorities in the addiction field. Topics will include new, evidence-based treatments, the nuances of treating comorbid disorders along with addiction, and special populations.

We are honored to have such a prestigious and accomplished faculty. Smaller, breakout sessions each afternoon will allow for in-depth exploration of topic areas in an interactive and stimulating format that will enhance learning and skill-building.